About Our Company

Ward is an independent oil and gas production company with operations in Colorado and Oklahoma.

Our founder Lew Ward drilled his first well in 1963 in Garfield County, Oklahoma. Since then, Ward has been contributing to our nation’s security and the lifestyle of all Americans by providing a safe, reliable energy. An abundant domestic energy supply safeguards our nation by reducing our dependence on foreign oil. It also heats our homes, generates electricity, provides fuel for transportation and supplies the feedstock needed to manufacture things we use every day.

It’s a big, important job and we take it very seriously. As we do our work, we are guided by a set of core values and one simple principle which is the lens through which we evaluate every decision we make and every action we take: Do the Right Thing.

Ward is a family-oriented company and an exciting place to work. As a result we have been able to attract top talent. Led by CEO Bill Ward, our management team has decades of experience across every technical and operational aspect of the industry.